Prunus Speaking Valve

Speak for tracheostomy patients

Air Resistance Regulation

Unique air resistance regulating ring help patients adapt the wearing smoothly, providing more comfortable wearing experience; adjustable by both doctors and patients.

More Using Scenarios

Bright pink to use in hospital & transparent for daily use. 


Speaking valve, also known as auxiliary sounding valve, is a one-way silicone ventilation valve. Installing a speaking valve upon the mouth of the tracheostomy tube can facilitate the recovery of speaking and swallowing functions of tracheostomy patients.

High Compatibility

Compatible with all types of 15mm disposable plastic or metal tracheal tubes or sputum aspirators; specialized adapters are also available for the fitness to tracheal tubes or sputum aspirators in other diameters.

Prunus VD Series Speaking Valve can be used on conscious tracheostomy patients underwent invasive ventilation and help them rebuild phonation function, assist voicing, ameliorate swallowing difficulties, reduce risk of infection and shorten the extubation time.