Boaray 1000D/Boaray 1000B
Boaray 1000D/Boaray 1000B
Multi-functional emergency transport ventilator
Bring ventilation everywhere.
Boaray 1000 series ventilators are dedicated to transport, which is suitable for in-hospital transport and out-of-hospital transport.
Ultimate Lightweight
Main unit with battery: 4kg
Total weight(With cylinder and other accessories): 8Kg

Save time, save lives

Intuitive workflow enables operation within seconds after starting the device. The fast setting keys on the unit interface can be quickly configured to suit your individual needs, helping you to save the device operating time and focus on the patient care.
Comprehensive modes meet your special needs

Support ventilation modes: A/C(P), A/C(V), SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, SPONT/CPAP, SIGH, Manual Breath.
Invasive & Non-invasive ventilation in emergency situations

Extra long runtime

Up to 6 hours of runtime, no need to worry about backup power

Ready for demanding situations

The main unit with the perfectly waterproof and shockproof backpack is approximately 8Kg, which makes transport easier. Built from extremely durable materials, the unit can stand up to even the most challenging environments.