Padus 8/Padus 6
Padus 8/Padus 6
Une expérience intelligente qui dépasse votre imagination
La prochaine génération de ventilateurs de soins intensifs intelligents

Les technologies innovantes proviennent des meilleurs professionnels européens et de l'équipe R&D de Shenzhen. Le ventilateur Padus 8 est l'un des ventilateurs de soins intensifs intelligents les plus avancés au monde.


Comprehensive sequential ventilation therapy

Supports HFNC, NIV and invasive ventilation. 

One ventilator meets a wide range of ventilation needs from mild to severe patients, helping to improve ventilation efficiency and reduce workload in frontline clinical care.


Ultimate in tidal volume control accuracy
Suitable for neonatal, pediatric and adult.
Integrated neonatal module with tidal volumes as low as 2ml.
Industry-leading tidal volume control accuracy down to 2ml, with ±(1mL+ 5% of the set value) accuracy in this range. 


Intelligent closed-loop controlled respiratory synchronization technology—Flow Support
In volume control ventilation mode, this patented feature allows the ventilator to respond quickly to the patient's need for flow changes. This enables better human-ventilator synchronization of the ventilator. 
Advanced pulmonary protection kits
More advanced parameters and practical tools, like P-V tool, Stress index, PTP, TC monitoring,etc. 
Provides doctors with more precise guidance on setting parameters to reduce the incidence of ventilation lung injury.
Excellent industrial design
Autoclavable inspiration and expiration assembly. Designed to address clinical pain points, effective prevention of cross-contamination between patients.
Invisible cable management to improve hospital equipment management efficiency.