Boaray 5000D
Boaray 5000D
Modèle désigné de l'OMS pour les fournitures anti-épidémiques
Le classique du ventilateur de soins intensifs

Boaray 5000D est développé avec des fonctionnalités pouvant répondre à tous vos besoins. Il fournit non seulement des modes et des fonctionnalités de ventilation avancés pour les patients allant du nourrisson à l'adulte, mais dispose également d'une interface moderne et facile à utiliser pour améliorer l'efficacité de votre flux de travail clinique.


Excellent human-machine interaction design, making the operation more convenient

15-inch color touch screen with adjustable screen angle and friendly interface, making the operation faster and more intuitive.


Comprehensive, efficient and powerful
Functionality for patients ranging from infant to adult.
Stylish and compact design, with the industry's top air compressor as a ventilation guarantee.
Supports invasive, non-invasive ventilation and high flow O2 therapy, which can fulfill different clinical needs.It supports multiple advanced ventilation modes, such as DualPAP, APRV, PRVC and SIMV.


Perfect combination of engineering and medicine for more comfortable patient breathing.
- High-speed, high-precision proportional solenoid valve (Norgren) makes air delivery fast and accurate, flexible triggering and switching methods, fully improve human-ventilator synchronization.
- The use of active expiratory valve allows patients to breathe easily and freely under any pressure, achieving true human-ventilator coordination.
- Flow support is a patented technology that provides excellent human-ventilator synchronization and allows patients to breathe more freely and comfortably.
Intelligent design for patient safety
- Autoclavable exhalation valve assembly can completely avoid cross-infection in the hospital.
- Dedicated safe ventilation: Sourced from the top Swedish algorithm development team, multiple patents are developed for patient monitoring and control protection.
- Excellent gas-electric separation design, ensuring the safe operation of the machine
- Intelligent identification of detubation, obstruction, high pressure and automatic classification of the alarm system, apnea ventilation mode, guarantee a safe ventilation.
More Features
More advanced parameters and tools, P-V tool, RCexp, VTE/IBW, WOB, RSB ,Compliance, Resistance, P0.1, NIF, EtCO2, SPO2, etc.Doctors can observe the dynamics of a patient's breathing in real time and make quick decisions.