Boaray 600D/Boaray 600C
Boaray 600D/Boaray 600C
Valuable anesthesia machine
Compact yet powerful

Prunus always focus on high quality and reliable products for clinical application. Based on the latest anesthesia architecture from our high-end anesthesia machine, Boaray 600D/C presents the reliable features. High quality components and state-of-the-art technology improves the machine’s performance. 

Intuitive interface at your fingertips
- 8.4 inch color touch screen
- Optional large font interface, displaying 4 waveforms, 2 loops and 20+ parameters on the same screen.
Practical ventilation solutions
Practical ventilation modes, such as VCV, PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, SPONT(Optional), Manual.
Fully meets the different needs of all ages from infants to adults.


Highly integrated breathing circuit
- Optional heating feature can provide more moist inhalation air, thus ensuring patient safety.
- Autoclavable circuit to avoid cross-infection.
- No exposed cables design, effectively solving cable management problems and preventing accidents.
Complete and flexible configuration
Boaray 600D/C is equipped with complete configurations including O2\N2O\Air supply, two vaporizer positions, ACGO, AG, CO2 monitoring, auxiliary oxygen flowmeter, AGSS, etc. In addition other choices of accessories and functions provide maximum flexibility to different customers.
Easy disposal of anesthetic waste gas
Optional active AGSS(Anesthesia gas scavenging system) is available for easy disposal of anesthesia exhaust gas to safeguard the safety of medical staffs.