sp3 series syringe pump
sp3 series syringe pump
Touch the future via infusion revolution.
Accurate syringe beyond your expectation
Infusion accuracy up to ±2%, ensuring accurate infusion.
Dual CPUs design
Dual CPUs work independently and detect for each other, greatly improving safety performance and reducing the risk of infusion.
RT-CLAT Linear precision detection technology
This innovative technology allows health caregivers to understand the accuracy of equipment without specialized equipment.


Intelligent quick start function
With quick start function, even in the case of low flow rate injection, it can overcome all kinds of gaps and tension in a very short time, timely injection of the first drop of liquid.
On-line titration function
With the function of on-line titration, the infusion speed can be adjusted directly without stopping the injection, which eliminates tedious operation and ensures continuous infusion.
DPS-Dynamic pressure detection function
Real-time dynamic pressure detection, easy to observe and facilitate adjustment, avoid blockage alarm delay resulting in blood drug concentration decline and drug effect reduction.